Shifting Business to Net Zero

Global emissions of carbon dioxide need to fall to net zero by 2050. Get a new perspective on the climate crisis and learn how you can use transition engineering to make sustainable business decisions for your organisation or community.

Presented by Professor Susan Krumdieck

New course starts 17 July 2023

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Designed for professionals looking to understand the challenges and opportunities involved in reducing the carbon footprint for their organisation or community, this course provides a range of tools for transitioning to net zero. It's particularly valuable if you work in an operations, engineering, or management environment. 

Using the Transition Innovation, Management, and Engineering (InTIME©) approach, Professor Susan Krumdieck explores a quantitative understanding of climate and resource challenges. She helps you examine the role of energy in your current systems and shows how you can use energy to secure a sustainable future for your organisation and community.

This course provides practical insights and explores possible limitations for transitioning to renewable energy. It also identifies the principles you need to make sure a transition to sustainable energy is economically viable. It will give you a unique perspective on Energy Transition projects.

Please note: UC Online has a minimum enrolment threshold that must be met to enable opportunities for interaction, discussion, and feedback. If the minimum number of enrolments required for a course is not met, enrolled students will be given the option to defer their enrolment to the next course date, or receive a refund.

Qualification Micro-credential
Learning time 50 hours | about 6 hours a week
Points 5
Dates 17 Jul - 25 Sep 2023
Type Instructor-paced
This course is ideal for
  • Policy-makers, economists, financial analysts, investors
  • Planners, business developers
  • Leaders, marketers, media and communication professionals, journalists
  • Sustainability managers, architects, urban designers
  • Primary producers, miners, oil industry professionals
  • Social entrepreneurs, consultants, philanthropists
  • Managers, advisors
  • Engineers, scientists, academics
What you'll learn
  • How to identify the problems of decarbonisation
  • How to use the InTIME© method for innovation
  • The Economics of Transition
  • A new perspective on future development and innovation
This course includes
  • 4 Modules
  • 4 Quizzes
  • Learner discussion forums
  • Audio and video – Closed caption English transcripts available
Digital badge issued on completion