How online study is recognised 

Whether you're considering a course, or finishing a programme, it's important to know how your online learning will be recognised! From digital badges to degree certification, there is a range of achievement recognition for our Tuihono UC | UC Online learners. 

Successful short course and micro-credential learners receive digital badges, while programme learners (studying towards certificates, diplomas and degrees) graduate with a University of Canterbury qualification, and are eligible to attend graduation. 

Tuihono UC Digital Badge

Digital Badges

Digital badges are a digital way to recognise the skills and achievements you have learnt through a specific Tuihino UC | UC Online short course or micro-credential.

They are images you can share on your LinkedIn profile, personal website, blog or online CV that are linked to information about the credential, course and skills you have acquired. This shows your employer (or future employer!) your skills and strengths in this area, and celebrates your mahi. View an example of what a digital badge looks like.

When you successfully complete a short course or micro-credential with us, you'll also receive a congratulations email confirming your hard work and next steps.

Graduation & Testamur

If you've completed a programme (certificate, diploma or master's degree) with us, you are eligible to attend a University of Canterbury graduation ceremony, to celebrate your hard work with your friends and whānau. 

At graduation, you'll receive your testamur (qualification certification) formally acknowledging your qualification. Can't make it to graduation? We can also post your testamur to you in the mail. You can also access a free digital copy of your transcript and testamur (qualification certificate) via My eQuals.



Other ways your learning can be recognised         

Academic Credit (Points)

You can get academic points or credits for some courses, and you may be able to put the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points for our course towards your professional requirements from your professional membership association. Continuous Professional Development (CPD) requirements vary by profession and membership association. It is advisable to check your professional membership association or regulatory body guidelines to determine if the activity qualifies for CPD credit.

Celebrate your achievements on LinkedIn

Successfully completed an online course with us? While you wait for your digital badge, you can still celebrate your achievements through posting an Educational Milestone Celebration like this one!

To celebrate an occasion on LinkedIn, click Start a post > Celebrate an occasion > New Educational Milestone. Select or upload your chosen photo (such as our Tuihono UC celebration image), before writing your message to share your achievement. Don't forget to tag us @university-of-canterbury!


How do I add my digital badge to LinkedIn?

When you receive your digital badge from our partners, My eQuals, this includes a link to share your badge on LinkedIn, showcasing your online credentials for employers and agencies.

Simply copy the link and insert it under the 'credentials' section of your LinkedIn profile. For more detailed instructions, please review LinkedIn's instructions here. 

Will I receive a transcript?

An official academic transcript is a complete record of every year that you have been enrolled with Tuihono UC, and your grades. These are only available for learners enrolled in our programmes (certificate, diplomas and degrees). 

To request a transcript, please contact Academic Records. 

*Please note that there is a known fault with My eQuals and viewing your testamur on Apple products - the Chancellor's signature may not display correctly / show up as a black box instead. If this should occur, please view your documents using a Windows product.

Can I join a graduation ceremony for Tuihono UC learners?

At this stage, we don't offer a graduation ceremony solely for Tuihono UC learners. However, learners who have completed a programme with Tuihono UC may be eligible to attend a graduation ceremony with Te Whare Wananga o Waitaha | University of Canterbury.