Revised Learning Design Series

Gain the specialised instructional design knowledge and skills to build your career in learning design. Courses have been substantially revised to integrate cutting-edge tools and hands-on learning. This series could provide a pathway to a paid internship in 2025 with us!

October 2024
February 2025
April 2025

Three nine-week courses, requiring 100 hours of learning each.

You'll study approximately 12 hours in each learning week (excluding our one-week study break for each course). 

$617* per 10 point course for domestic learners
$1921* per 10 point course for international learners

*Price is approximate and subject to change based on elective course selection. Fees outlined are based on the 2024 fee schedule and are subject to revision each year. Prices include GST where applicable. 

Digital badges for each course
30 points (10 points per course)


Learn how to develop and deliver effective online learning that supports user-centred training and understanding. In our three-part Learning Design Series, you’ll go in-depth into instructional design theory, models and methods, and apply these to a specific learning activity you'll build. You'll also learn how to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the latest tools to support efficient and effective learning. 

There are opportunities to apply for paid internships in learning design at Te Whare Wānanga o Waitaha | University of Canterbury once you have completed the series. These internships will start in 2025 – if you're interested in this pathway, please let us know. Internship pathways will be open to domestic learners only. 

This series has been substantially revised in 2024 to reflect the rapidly changing world of online learning – utilising the latest tools and thinking around how best to deliver courses in the AI age. Through flexible, online learning you'll explore the theory behind effective digital training, learn to apply the ADDIE model to build prototype learning modules, and apply your instructional design knowledge to cutting edge tools using AI and other technologies. 


Each course is equivalent to Level 8 postgraduate study therefore applicants must meet the entry criteria as approved by NZQA, and have;

  • Either a bachelor's degree or equivalent level qualification
  • OR equivalent professional experience in a relevant field. Learners will be asked to demonstrate equivalent professional experience, which can include paid or voluntary work. If you’d like to check if you have the equivalent professional experience you can email us at  

For Learning Design and Development (course 2) and Learning Design with AI (course 3), learners must have background knowledge of instructional design processes and models like ADDIE; or have undertaken Instructional Design Basics (course 1) or a comparative course. Courses are taught in English and therefore learners should be confident reading, writing and listening in English.


The Learning Design Series can be studied part-time with one course per term. It can be completed in three terms, but learning is flexible to fit within your life. 

Time commitment   
Unless otherwise stated, Tuihono UC | UC Online learners study across terms, rather than semesters. We have four terms per year (starting January, April, July and October) which consist of nine-weeks of study (including a one-week study break), followed by a two-week period of marking and feedback.

Part-time learners complete one 10-point course every term, requiring approximately 12 hours of study per week. Study time includes taking in course material, reflection time and writing assessments. Our courses are flexible, enabling you to plan your study around your other commitments. 

Upcoming term dates  
Our current nine-week learning dates can be found below (please note: these dates exclude our two-week period of marking and feedback).

  • 15 July – 15 September 2024
    • Study break: 12 – 18 August 2024
  • 7 October – 8 December 2024
    • Study break: 4 – 10 November 2024

Please note: these dates are provisional and may be subject to change.

What you'll study

You'll study three NZQF level 8 postgraduate courses in the Learning Design Series. They are designed to be studied in sequence, with successful completion of Instructional Design Basics (course one) a prerequisite to studying either Learning Design and Development (course two) or Learning Design with AI  (course three) - unless you can demonstrate background knowledge of instructional design processes and models like ADDIE. 

Instructional Design Basics (EDDE401) | 10 points


As demand for learning has grown, so too has the need for quality instructional design. This course unpacks best learning design principles and introduces the models and frameworks used to design and develop effective learning. 

Through project-based assessments, you’ll identify your learners’ needs and learning contexts where they will apply their new skills. In addition, you will design the instructional strategy that will help you develop a prototype course and create an evaluation plan to evaluate the effectiveness of the course design.

Learning Design and Development (EDDE402) | 10 points


Building upon the foundational principles covered in EDDE401, this course focuses on the practical application of instructional design in the development of effective learning solutions. Learners will engage in a comprehensive exploration of the instructional design process ADDIE – from analysis and design to development, implementation, and evaluation. This course builds on key concepts, such as adult learning theories and pedagogical principles, and applies them to instructional design and development.

Learners will conduct needs assessments, analyse learner characteristics, identify performance gaps, and define instructional goals. They will then design measurable learning outcomes, assessments, and inclusive instructional strategies. Hands-on experience will be provided in developing engaging content, multimedia, and eLearning modules. Finally, learners will explore implementation planning, learner, and facilitator preparation, and evaluating the effectiveness of their designs. Throughout the course, learners will engage in project-based learning and developing instructional design solutions.

Learning Design with AI (EDDE403) | 10 points - coming soon

This course will be coming in term 4 - sign up to stay updated on availability and enrolments for this course


Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for innovative online learning.


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Please note: Tuihono UC | UC Online has a minimum enrolment threshold that must be met to enable opportunities for interaction, discussion, and feedback. If the minimum number of enrolments required for a course is not met, enrolled learners will be given the option to defer their enrolment to the next course date, or receive a refund. 

Future enrolments

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What career opportunities does the Learning Design Series provide?

Those who have completed our three instructional design courses will have integrated technical and training skills, applied learning design experience, and be able to use the latest technologies to support learning.

You could find work in organisations within the human resources function of any organisation, within government ministries, or start your own training business.

Do you have any enrolment support?

Whether you need advice finding the right course for you or support with the enrolment process, we’re here to help! Contact our enrolment support team for course information, technical help and enrolment support.


What are the tuition fees?

The overall cost of tuition fees per 10-point course based on the 2024 fee schedule:

  • for domestic learners is $617* incl GST
  • for international learners is $1,921* plus GST if applicable.

Total investment for 30-point Learning Design Series based on the 2024 fee schedule:

  • for domestic learners is $1,851* incl GST
  • for international learners is $5,763* plus GST if applicable.

Please note that the fees are charged on a per year basis and the amount charged reflects the number of courses/points enrolled in the current year. These are based on the 2024 fee structure and subject to revision – you can learn more about the University of Canterbury’s Tuition fee structure here.

How do I enrol?

Enrolments are made online through our Tuihono UC | UC Online website – please sign up for updates to stay in the loop about when applications open. 


What's the difference between the Learning Design and Development course and Instructional Design Basics?

While both courses cover the ADDIE model (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation) as a core framework for instructional/learning design, the second course in the series, Learning Design and Development, goes into more depth and complexity on each of those stages.

The Learning Design and Development course will take your learning and skills to a more advanced level, equipping you with a deeper, more contextualised understanding of the learning design process. It's designed to build on the foundations you gained in the Instructional Design Basics course.