Instructional Design Basics

Thinking of taking an instructional design course? Find out what makes some content so easy to absorb. Learn how to optimise your learning material and make it really easy to understand.

Facilitated by Erika Herrera

Course opens: 30th Jan 2023 Course ends: 27th Mar 2023
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With the increased demand for online educational resources, many tertiary and training organisations have struggled to shift content that’s designed for in-person training to an accessible online format.

The way we engage with educational content is significantly different when we learn online.

This course unpacks the theory behind learning. It examines the role of instructional designers and explores the most prevalent design framework used today.

You’ll learn how to:
  • identify and understand the needs of your learners
  • design and develop an e-learning course
  • evaluate the effectiveness of the e-learning course
  • create a professional document that justifies your project, the decisions you made, and the value of your final product
Qualification Short course
Learning time 100 hours | about 10 hours a week
Dates 30th Jan - 27th Mar 2023
Type Instructor-paced
This course is ideal for
  • Learning and development professionals
  • Instructional designers
  • Corporate trainers
  • Professional development specialists
  • Community and other educators
What you'll learn
  • The role of an instructional designer
  • Basic instructional design theories and frameworks
  • How to analyse instructional content
  • How to align learning objectives and assessments
  • How to develop an instructional strategy and evaluation plan
This course includes
  • 7 Modules
  • 5 Assignments
  • Learner discussion forums and peer review activities
  • Audio and video – Closed caption English transcripts available
Digital badge issued on completion