Study Data Science & AI, Cyber Security or Software Engineering with the Institute of Data.

Tuihono UC | UC Online are excited to partner with the Institute of Data to provide 12-week and 24-week bootcamps. Study Data Science & AI, Cyber Security or Software Engineering through practical, immersive training taught by industry experts in real-time.

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With bootcamps in Data Science & AI, Cyber Security and Software Engineering, upskill online through the Institute of Data's remote learning format. Bootcamp graduates stand out in the job market and are ready to excel in lucrative tech industry careers. Click on the images below to find out more:

Data Science & AI


Cyber Security

Software Engineering



Who is the Institute of Data

The Institute of Data transforms careers and companies for a data driven world. They accelerate and develop careers through a network of education and industry partners to maximise job opportunities and promotions. Their main focus is connecting individuals to the growing big data industry with education programmes suited to professionals at all stages of their career.

When does the next part-time or full-time bootcamp start?

Check the programme pages for dates, but the course starts straight after you enrol with the pre-work modules. The pre-work online training takes about 40 hours to complete in your own time. The formal training programmes and cohorts start every 3-6 months.

Can I talk to someone about the bootcamps?

Yes! The Institute of Data has career consultants available to discuss your career and fit for the programme. Please schedule a call by visiting the partnership website here


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