Data Ethics

Identify, evaluate and mitigate ethical issues in data use

We’ve never had so much access to data, tracking the way we work and live. Laws and regulations tell us what we can do with data, but not necessarily what we should do. In Data Ethics, you’ll gain the insight to steer your ethical decision making.

Presented by Dr Carolyn Mason, with contributions from Dr Dean Sutherland, Dr Geoff Ford, Dr Marty J. Wolf and Dr Dan McKay. Learning begins 9 Oct and ends 3 Dec, followed by a 2-week period of marking and feedback.

Course starts 9 October 2023 
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From the board room to the shop floor, employees today are constantly raising, responding to, and thinking through various ethical issues surrounding data. This course goes beyond the regulatory requirements of what you can do, building an in-depth understanding of these issues to determine what you should do.

Gain foundational knowledge to identify and respond to ethical issues that arise when dealing with data. You’ll learn to identify, evaluate and mitigate ethical data issues, exploring concepts like autonomy, confidentiality and informed consent. Using a case-based approach, you’ll become confident using data ethics principles at every stage of data analysis to guide your practice, from planning, processing and sharing analyses.

This course includes a focus on data sovereignty, exploring how data ethics and Te Tiriti o Waitangi connect, looking at Māori data sovereignty, partnership and justice. You’ll walk away with a framework to guide your work with data, helping ensure that your processes are appropriate, ethical and impactful.   

Please note: UC Online has a minimum enrolment threshold that must be met to enable opportunities for interaction, discussion, and feedback. If the minimum number of enrolments required for a course is not met, enrolled students will be given the option to defer their enrolment to the next course date, or receive a refund. 

Qualification Micro-credential
Learning time 100 hours | about 12 hours a week
Points 10
9 Oct - 18 Dec 2023
Type Instructor-paced
This course is ideal for
  • People looking to upskill around ethical data use
  • Policy and business analysts and advisors
  • Database coordinators and analytics officers
  • Intelligence advisors, data scientists and consultants
  • Professionals dealing with data across the public and NGO sector, business, marketing, and communication industries 
What you'll learn
  • Confidence using and explaining key data ethics terminology, and concepts
  • Skills to identify, evaluate and mitigate ethical issues around data gathering, processing, analysis and sharing
  • An understanding of Māori data sovereignty within Aotearoa New Zealand 
This course includes
  • 7 Modules
  • Quizzes and assignments
  • Learner discussion forums
  • Audio and visual learning content – closed caption English transcripts available
Digital badge issued on completion
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