Cross-crediting and recognition of prior learning

Considering further study? Learn about the options you have for crediting points towards a Tuihono UC qualification, or taking your online study points further. 

Woman at computer considering future study after finishing a Tuihono UC | UC Online micro-credential, looking at her cross-crediting and recognition of prior learning options.

Crediting a micro-credential towards future study

Certain micro-credentials we offer can be credited towards a future degree - for example Instructional Design Basics may be eligible for crediting towards a Master of Education; and our Wellbeing micro-credentials may be eligible for crediting towards a Bachelor of Science.*

Please get in touch with us at to find out more. 

*You must meet the Admission requirements of the qualification at the time you start the course(s) you would like to credit.

Transferring credit towards a Tuihono UC qualification

If you've studied at a tertiary institution within the last five years, in some cases you can apply to have your credits transferred to your Tuihono UC | UC Online qualification. Not sure if you'd be eligible? Get in touch with our team at

Learn more about transferring credit from a New Zealand institution.

Learn more about transferring credit from an overseas institution.

Read the full conditions for credit regulations here. 

Transferring credit from a Tuihono UC qualification 

Depending on what you're studying with us, you may also be able to credit your online programme courses towards a further qualification. 

For example, upon successful completion of the Certificate in Criminal Justice, you can apply to credit 45 points towards our on-campus Bachelor of Criminal Justice.*

*At the discretion of the relevant University of Canterbury faculty Dean. Read the full requirements here.