Ngā Herenga

Bridging the divide between the Crown and iwi Māori

Gain a foundational knowledge on the history of Aotearoa New Zealand by analysing various forms of media and text. Explore the political connections between the Crown and iwi Māori, and how these relationships have moulded our culture, politics and society.

Presented by kaiako, Karirā Allen

New course starts 17 July 2023
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Ngā Herenga

Gain a deeper understanding of Aotearoa history and the political connections between Māori tribal groupings and the Crown. You’ll explore the complexities of the relationships between these groups and how they have shaped the culture, politics, and society of this country.

Key topics covered include Pacific migration and European settlement, Te Tiriti o Waitangi (the Treaty of Waitangi), He Whakaputanga o te Rangatiratanga o Niu Tirene (the Declaration of Independence of New Zealand) and Ngā Pakanga o Aotearoa (the New Zealand Wars).  

By examining the past, you’ll develop a deeper appreciation of the present and how Aotearoa New Zealand has become the country it is today. This course aims to foster bicultural competency, equipping you with the skills and knowledge necessary to engage effectively with the diverse cultures and communities of present-day Aotearoa and understand biculturalism in New Zealand.

Ngā Herenga is designed to be accessible and practical for learners of all backgrounds. Whether you are a student, professional, or simply interested in learning more about Aotearoa history, this course will provide you with a rich and informative experience. Join us as we explore the history and politics of New Zealand and examine how these factors continue to shape our society and biculturalism in New Zealand today.

Please note: UC Online has a minimum enrolment threshold that must be met to enable opportunities for interaction, discussion, and feedback. If the minimum number of enrolments required for a course is not met, enrolled students will be given the option to defer their enrolment to the next course date, or receive a refund. 

Qualification Short course
Learning time 50 hours | about 6 hours a week
Dates 17 Jul - 25 Sep 2023
Type Self-paced
This course is ideal for
  • Students, professionals and anyone interested in learning more about Aotearoa history
What you'll learn
  • An understanding of the migration, movement and settlement of societies within the Pacific.
  • A basic understanding of the historical texts connected to Aotearoa and the political implications that followed.
  • How to examine Aotearoa through a present-day Te Tiriti o Waitangi based lens.
  • Develop basic knowledge of te reo Māori language including words, phrases, and greetings.
This course includes
  • 3 Modules 
  • Quizzes 
  • Reflective assignments 
  • Audio and visual learning content – closed caption English transcriptions available 
Digital badge issued on completion